Skills Bootcamps are an amazing opportunity for learners to gain industry-specific skills and boost their job prospects.

These bootcamps are free to individuals and come with flexible courses of up to 16 weeks. By joining a Skills Bootcamp, you’ll have a chance to fast-track your way to an interview with a local employer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for your first job, currently unemployed, or want to upgrade your skills or change careers, a Skills Bootcamp is there to provide the support you need to develop new skills.


If you’re aged over 19 and looking to change sectors or progress in your current industry, our free Skills Bootcamp could be your next step to a better job. Utilising the skills obtained from a Skills Bootcamp, you can pursue a new profession, progress to additional education like an apprenticeship, or generate new opportunities if you're self-employed.

These flexible courses last up to 16 weeks and allow you to gain skills employers are looking for.

You will also have guaranteed a job interview at the end of the course.


Are you an employer wanting to upskill your team?  Are you struggling to employ people with the right skills?

Skills Bootcamps are co-designed with employers to respond to skills shortages. You can work with our training providers to develop and deliver Skills Bootcamps to help you fill vacancies or interview and employ one of our Skills Bootcamp alumni.

Skills Bootcamps may help your business by:

  • developing a skilled workforce
  • futureproofing your business by supporting new skills development
  • motivating your team by providing new opportunities to learn
  • giving you access to participants who have successfully completed relevant Skills Bootcamps 

As a business you will contribute a portion of funding (10% for SMEs, 30% for large employers), while the Department for Education covers the rest.