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Results Day 2021 – What Next?

Here’s everything you need to know about getting your GCSE or A-Level Results and university offers. No matter what your results are, you have options available…

2021 Results Day Explained

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic, students will be aware that results will now be based on teacher assessment, class ranking and the past performance of their school, rather than the final formal exam. 

We understand the frustration and uncertainty this has caused many young people, so this is why we created this hub area.

Results days are:

  • A-Level Results: Tuesday 10 August 2021

  • GCSE Results: Thursday 12 August 2021

With Results Days fast approaching are you ready to tackle the next step?

Berkshire Opportunities has all the information you need to support you in the next part of your education and career journey. From GCSE results and appeals to Uni Applications and Clearing… Find it all here!