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Newbury College is here to support your journey from school to the workplace and beyond, our mantra is Careers, not courses. Apprenticeships provide an ideal means to develop your knowledge and skills as a paid employee. At Newbury College, we work with local employers to provide apprenticeships that progress your career from the starting point at Level 2 right through to Level 7 (Postgraduate).

We know that each level of training helps you develop in your career and provides you with the additional skills and understanding needed to function well in the workplace.


Newbury College is committed to high quality learning opportunities for students in West Berkshire and the surrounding area. Whether you have a focused career plan or the beginnings of an idea, our career-based curriculum is led by employers and designed to give you the best opportunities to gain the qualifications and skills you need for the career you want. Our highly trained staff, who are qualified teachers, many with industry-based experience, are here to guide you through your qualifications and help you achieve your goals alongside our passionate support teams.


  • Our apprenticeship achievement rates are 12.5% higher than the national average – we want to help support and guide your journey from school to the workplace and/or progress your career within your workplace.
  • We are progression-focused – supporting you to gain the relevant skills and knowledge you need at every step of your learning.
  • Our Apprenticeships are Employer-led – relationships with our business partners are key in ensuring you develop the ‘in-demand’ skills that will benefit the industries you are entering and support your steps into business.
  • Your apprenticeship is skills-based – you’ll get hands-on and learn the practical skills you need as well as the theory.
  • Our staff are industry experts as well as qualified teachers, bringing a wealth of industry experience and understanding to their teaching.


Explore Apprenticeship Opportunities at Newbury College here.

Whether you are an employer looking to develop existing staff or recruit fresh talent, or you are an individual looking for your own apprenticeship opportunity – speak to our Business Team today. To get started email [email protected] or call 01635 845000.

Explore opportunities in areas such as Digital TechnologiesEngineeringBuilding TechnologiesHealth and Social Care and Business; including Accounting, CIPD and Leadership and Management.