Having a school Governor linked to Careers can ensure that information, advice and guidance can be understood and supported by the governing body, ensuring that legal requirement is met and best practice adopted where possible. 

“Governing bodies have a key role in ensuring schools not only meet their legal requirements, but also equipping their pupils with the tools and knowledge to make informed choices about their futures. They can do this by offering strategic support to school leaders and by holding the headteacher to account for the quality of provision of careers education, information advice and guidance.

The Governing Body should ensure that the school complies with its statutory responsibilities:  

  1. The appointment of a Careers Leader. 
  2. Compliance with the Baker Clause. 
  3. The publishing of policy statements on the school’s website. 
  4. Commitment to the delivery of independent and impartial guidance.”

The Careers Strategy – A guide for secondary school governors, The Careers and Enterprise Company.