What Is Education Landscape?

The Education Landscape resources have been created to highlight the benefits of working with the education and training system. Understanding what the best fit would be for your business is key.

The Guide for Employers will outline all the options you have for working with schools, colleges, universities and young people while providing the benefits of doing so. Explore the index to find out extensively what activities are available today. 
There are so many ways to get involved to boost the next generation, whilst expanding your businesses growth and productivity. You may have already received enquiries to work with local schools, colleges and universities - explore The Education Landscape Guide & Index to learn more about what steps you can take. 

"We’ve been taking on apprentices for over 100 years, because there’s a clear return on investment. With an ageing workforce throughout the engineering sector, growing our own talent’s a great way to get the skilled staff we need."

Keith Longman

Yard Manager Berthon