£15,080 Average salary at age 20
£40,040 Average Salary
36 Average hours per week


Social workers provide information, advice and support to those who are socially excluded or are experiencing crisis; they protect the welfare of vulnerable groups including children, young people, people with disabilities, elderly people and people who are mentally or physically ill, and they may specialise in specific areas of work.

Main Tasks

  • Liaises with other health and social care professionals and agencies to identify those in need and at risk within the local community;
  • Interviews individuals and groups to assess and review the nature and extent of difficulties;
  • Undertakes and writes up assessments to specified standards;
  • Arranges for further counselling or assistance in the form of financial or material help;
  • Organises support and develops care plans to address service users’ needs;
  • Keeps case records, prepares reports and participates in team meetings;
  • Gives evidence in court;
  • Participates in training and supervision.


Social work is a regulated profession and practitioners must be registered with the appropriate statutory body. To register a social worker must satisfy the criteria for registration. Non-graduates must undertake a three-year degree in social work; graduates with relevant experience may take a two-year postgraduate diploma/Masters degree. Prior relevant work experience or relevant voluntary work is encouraged. Background checks including a CRB check are required.

What Social workers studied in higher education

A text alternative for this canvas pie chart is provided in the data table below
What Social workers studied in higher education
Occupation Percentage Value
(L3) Sociology1
(C8) Psychology2
(B7) Nursing1
(L5) Social work93

UK Prospects

124500 Workforce Size
2.41% Predicted growth 2024 - 2027
14055 Predicted Replacement 2024 - 2027

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