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Web design and development professionals

£13,000 Average salary at age 20
£33,800 Average Salary
35 Average hours per week


Jobholders in this unit group design, develop and maintain websites to meet a client’s specified requirements.

Main Tasks

  • Liaises with internal/external client in order to define the requirements for the website;
  • Presents design options to the client;
  • Designs web pages including graphics, animation and functionality to maximise visual effectiveness and facilitate appropriate access;
  • Develops the website and applications;
  • Designs and develops web interfaces for relational database systems;
  • Establishes methods to ensure appropriate website security and recovery;
  • Writes and publishes content for the website;
  • Tests website interaction and performance prior to going ‘live’, and monitors and maintains functionality of the website;
  • Activates the ‘live’ website.


Entrants usually possess a degree or equivalent qualification, although entry with other academic qualifications and/or significant relevant experience is possible. There is a variety of relevant vocational, professional and postgraduate qualifications available.

What Web design and development professionals studied in higher education

A text alternative for this canvas pie chart is provided in the data table below
What Web design and development professionals studied in higher education
Occupation Percentage Value
(G1) Mathematics1
(W2) Design studies11
(L3) Sociology1
(C1) Biology1
(C8) Psychology1
(W1) Fine art1
(V3) History by topic1
(W3) Music1
(W8) Imaginative writing1
(W6) Cinematics & photography2
(Q3) English studies2
(N5) Marketing2
(M2) Law by topic1
(I2) Information systems5
(P5) Journalism3
(I3) Software engineering3
(F3) Physics1
(I6) Games1
(N1) Business studies2
(P3) Media studies4
(N2) Management studies1
(V1) History by period1
(H6) Electronic & electrical engineering2
(I1) Computer science41

UK Prospects

87200 Workforce Size
4.16% Predicted growth 2022 - 2027
10942 Predicted Replacement 2022 - 2027

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