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Health associate professionals n.e.c.

£9,360 Average salary at age 20
£22,360 Average Salary
35 Average hours per week


Job holders in this unit group carry out a variety of technical and complementary support functions not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 321: Health Associate Professionals.

Main Tasks

  • Prescribes diet therapy and gives advice to patients, health care professionals and the public on dietetic and nutritional matters for those with special dietary requirements or to prevent illness;
  • Diagnoses and treats disorders of vision and eye movements, monitors subsequent progress and recommends further optical, pharmacological or surgical treatment as required;
  • Manipulates and massages patient to discover the cause of pain, relieve discomfort, restore function and mobility and to correct irregularities in body structure;
  • Inserts needles under the skin, administers aromatic herbs and oils and massages body to relieve pain and restore health;
  • Advises and prescribes in areas of complementary and alternative medicine.


Entrants usually possess an accredited degree or postgraduate qualification. Training can take between two to five years depending upon the chosen method of study. Courses provide a mixture of theoretical study and practical experience. Membership of professional bodies may be mandatory in some areas.

What Health associate professionals n.e.c. studied in higher education

A text alternative for this canvas pie chart is provided in the data table below
What Health associate professionals n.e.c. studied in higher education
Occupation Percentage Value
(C9) Others in biological sciences1
(L4) Social policy1
(L3) Sociology1
(B3) Complementary medicines, therapies & well-being4
(C1) Biology1
(C8) Psychology13
(W3) Music1
(A3) Clinical medicine2
(C7) Molecular biology, biophysics & biochemistry1
(Q3) English studies1
(B6) Aural & oral sciences1
(B7) Nursing13
(N8) Hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism & transport1
(B9) Others in subjects allied to medicine8
(B1) Anatomy, physiology & pathology2
(B4) Nutrition3
(X3) Academic studies in education1
(L5) Social work2
(X1) Training teachers1
(C6) Sport & exercise science32

UK Prospects

58500 Workforce Size
8.92% Predicted growth 2021 - 2027
13895 Predicted Replacement 2021 - 2027

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