You could patrol the area around airfields to counter ground attacks as a part of the RAF Regiment or join as a Chef and prepare meals for our personnel. You could be a Weapon Systems Operator and fly for a living. You could become an Engineering Officer and work with cutting-edge technology. With over 55 different roles available in the RAF, Whatever job you do, you’ll gain professional skills and qualifications. Roles are available in the following work areas; Aircrew, Intelligence, Logistics, Engineering, Force Protection, Medical and Medical Support, Personnel Support and Air Operations. There are frequent operational detachments and you could go on exercises to places like North America, Africa and Europe. In the RAF you will be stretched and challenged every day. You will achieve more than you thought possible, and you will earn the professional respect of others as a part of our team.


The UK face threats in an uncertain world, from unauthorized aircraft entering protected airspace to cyber-attacks.  Our Quick Reaction Alert Force are ready to scramble state of the art aircraft in minutes to intercept threats. We identify and manage threats before they materialize through intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. We can rapidly deploy assets around the world to deter conflict and defeat our adversaries.

Our Air Surveillance and Control Systems Force continuously compile a Recognized Air Picture of the airspace in and around the UK, providing vital early warning of potential threats such as unauthorized aircraft. We also monitor threats in space from space weather and debris that can damage orbiting satellites, to hostile acts from our adversaries.

We have the aircraft, the know-how, and the reach to get humanitarian aid, equipment, and people into affected areas quickly. We also evacuate civilians and military personnel from natural disasters and unrest. We support government agencies and emergency services on UK operations. On overseas humanitarian operations we work with the Department for International Development and other governments of partner countries.

Air power is most effective in a joint action with other military services and government departments, all working towards a common goal. We continuously train and deploy with the armed forces of our NATO allies and global partners. Maintaining good relations with our international partners means we can operate from their bases to expand our global reach. As a world-class air force, we also advise and train other air forces to build their capacity to respond to threats and prevent conflict.

Potential adversaries are growing their capability to launch cyber-attacks that could disrupt the UK’s critical air and space systems. Cyber-attacks could prevent our ability to protect UK airspace and provide air power overseas. Our cyber-security specialists are working to combat such threats.

  • Competitive pay and pension
  • Training and lifelong learning
  • Six weeks paid leave and public holidays
  • Free medical and dental care plus subsided food and accommodation
  • Free gym and sports facilities with adventurous training opportunities

We have lots of opportunities available now, although understandably, COVID19 is causing delays to processing applications and entering training.

An Apprenticeship in the Royal Air Force offers you the chance to gain a professional qualification as part of a challenging and unique career. Not only will you gain a professional qualification that is recognised in the civilian world, you’ll also have a guaranteed job in your chosen field once you’ve completed it. You will receive the very best training and, as well as getting paid to learn, you’ll get the chance to travel the world, play sport and perform an important role in the RAF.

We currently have 23 roles to choose from that come with RAF apprenticeships rated Outstanding by Ofsted. They are available in a broad and diverse range of careers including aviation operations, engineering, hospitality & catering and IT. To gain an apprenticeship in the RAF you still need to meet all the entry requirements for whichever role it is for and get through all stages of the application process. You will gain the apprenticeship as part of your phase two training, in total the process of gaining your apprenticeship can last 1 year to 3 years of training.

Graduates in the Royal Air Force receive world class training and qualifications, lifting you above the crowd. As an Officer you will have a career with unlimited potential. From the start you will be given specialist training to be a leader. You will have serious responsibilities; managing a team as well as handling budgets and high-tech equipment.

Bursaries are available for those at university who are looking for a full-time Medical or Engineering role in the RAF. Only the highest quality candidates will receive a bursary, which can be used towards personal and educational development.

If anyone would like to have a telephone call with a recruiter, please email. It is best that under-18s let their parents or guardians know that they are speaking with us, we are very happy to have them on the call too to answer any questions they may have and the guide here may be of interest to them.